Together, let’s take root

Together, let’s take root.

While confinement has made us aware that we live above ground, it is now time to reconnect to our roots and return to the foundations of our lives. Forests and woodland are, therefore, essential elements of our existence and must be preserved and restored on a large scale.

Great News

Initially, we asked for a donation to purchase tree saplings for the woodland. Today we can confirm our application to Eforests for 200 broadleaf tree saplings to be a success. 

Who are Eforests?

Established in 2006, Eforests is a not-for-profit organisation to help combat climate change and create and restoring woodlands throughout the UK.

Run entirely by volunteers, London-based Eforests’ funding comes purely from tree dedications, tree gifts, and corporate tree planting schemes.

By participating in this operation, you participate in reforestation, contributing to the restoration and protection of threatened ecosystems and their populations.

Find out more about visit Eforests website

Part of a series of photographs introducing the Custodians of the Woodland, Derbyshire


We will be taking delivery of the trees in February 2021. Unfortunately, lockdown rules have not helped in recruiting volunteers. As a single volunteer, you could imagine how long 200 saplings will take to plant.

After lockdown, I will be seeking a few volunteers to help with the planting of the saplings at the woodland. If you can spare a few hours at the weekend and would like to help us. Please get in touch rolandkeates @ In return, I will feed you and offer you the privilege to watch a Druid Tree Planting ceremony.

Part of a series of photographs introducing the Custodians of the Woodland, Derbyshire


Here are a few saplings which will be arriving soon. These are all native species of the UK and confirm the saplings are locally grown.

Fagus Sylvatica – Common Beech, which will be used as a hedging plant

Malus Sylvestris – Crab Apple – a great compliment to Fagus Sylvatica

Corylus Avellana – Hazel – or commonly known as the witches Tree

Aesculus hippocastanum – Horse Chestnut – Which hopefully will attract more bees

Quercus robur – English Oak – The Wisdom Tree

Sorbus aucuparia – Rowan  – The Tree of Protection

Betula pendula – Silver Birch – The tree of birthing

Part of a series of photographs introducing the Custodians of the Woodland, Derbyshire

How do the Custodians of the Woodland operate? 

We are a small group of like-minded people who love to soak up the woodland atmosphere and spend time in nature. The only beneficiaries are the woodland and its environment. Maybe that’s not true; all living breathing creatures become the beneficiaries.

Custodians of the woodland


You are more than welcome to visit the woodland, but please respect it and if you see a totem hanging on one of the trees, please do not destroy them just leave a blessing

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