Folklore Room Webcast Three

Welcome to the video blog of the Custodians of the Woodland. Today we are celebrating Imbolc in the woodland.

Imbolc is the feast of “lustration” in other words, of the purification, which marks the end of the dark winter period. At the beginning of February, the days lengthen, and we feel the water force, which helps nature be reborn. The feast takes place near water, so one can wash oneself and purify oneself.

During the ceremony, eight candles are lit to honour the mother goddess, Brigit.

Celebrating Imbolc in the woodland is a very special affair and I welcome anyone to join me now or in the future

Because of the lockdown restrictions I was not able to bring in friends or crew members to help with the filming or ceromony. Hopefully the restrictions will ease and life will become a new normal.



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